Tarot, Birth Cards, and You: Keys To Empowering Yourself


My hope is that with this book readers will find the tools that will help them to better understand themselves, define their path for this lifetime, find their authentic voice, connect with that which they consider to be the Divine in their life, and move forward on their spiritual journey. The tools that I have chosen to work with are those of the Tarot Major Arcana, Affirmations, and Journeying. Together, they will help the reader define their path for this lifetime, and reach their full potential.

Note: The Tarot Birth Card calculator that reflects the deck that I used in this book can be found here: Paranormality.com. Heartfelt thanks to Leisa ReFalo for allowing us to use her software, and to Karyn Easton and her IT people for adjusting the code for the Paranormality site, and for allowing me to use her truly wonderful “Tarot Lovers Tarot” images in my book! Without both Leisa and Karyn, this book never would have happened.

Table of Contents:

Keys To Empowering Yourself

Calculating Your Birth Cards
Chapter One – Wheel of Fortune / Magician
Chapter Two – Justice / High Priestess
Chapter Three – Hanged Man / Empress
Chapter Four – Death / Emperor
Chapter Five – Temperance/Hierophant
Chapter Six – Devil / Lovers
Chapter Seven – Tower / Chariot
Chapter Eight – Star / Strength
Chapter Nine – Moon /Hermit
Chapter Ten – Sun / Wheel / Magician
Chapter Eleven – Judgment / High Priestess
Chapter Twelve – World / Empress
Post Script
Quick Reference

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