Tarot Book Recommendations

Book Recommendations: Beginners

*Learning the Tarot (Joan Bunning’s companion book to her on-line course.)
*Power Tarot (A compilation of Tarot spreads.)
*Tarot Celebrations: Honoring The Inner Voice (Geraldine Amaral and Nancy Brady Cunningham – ISBN 1-57863-014-2 note: This both a beginners and an intermediate book. An excellent resource for Tarot and ritual.)
*Tarot Dictionary and Compendium (An updated version with interpretations from modern authors.)
*Tarot For Beginners (Arcarti – used as background for the IJJ Swiss Tarot deck.)
*Tarot For Yourself (Mary K. Greer – ISBN 0878770771) This, in my opinion, is the very best beginners book out there.)
*Tarot: History, Mystery and Lore (Cynthis Giles – ISBN 0671891014)
*Tarot Plain And Simple (Anthony Louis – ISBN 156784006)
*78 Degrees Of Wisdom (Rachel Pollack – ISBN 07222535724 – An introduction to card interpretation)

Book Recomendations: Intermediate Books

*Choice Centered Tarot (Gail Fairfield – an introduction into the use of Tarot cards and their interpretation)
*The Complete Illustrated Guide to the Tarot (Rachel Pollack)
*Mastering the Tarot (Eden Gray – well worth reading)
*Navigators of the Mystic Sea (Tarot and the Tree of Life)
*The Rohrig-Tarot Book (Translated from German)
Romancing the Tarot (Phyllis Vega – Addresses relationship issues)
*The Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg by Cynthia Giles
*Strategic Intuition for the 21st Century: Tarot for Business (James Wanless)
*Tarot for Everyday (Discusses ritual, meditation and other uses for Tarot.)
*The New Tarot: Variations on Ancient Images (Rachel Pollack)
*A Wicked Pack of Cards: The Origins of the Occult Tarot

Book Recommendations: Advanced

*The Book of Thoth (Alistair Crowley – ISBN 0877282684)
*The Encyclopedia of Tarot: Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Stuart Kaplan)
*Qabalistic Tarot: A Textbook of Mystical Philosophy (Robert Wang – ISBN0877286728, A classic presentation of Tarot and Qaballa)
*Tarot of Ceremonial Magick (Lon Milo Duquette-Golden Dawn based philosophy)
*The Tarot Dictionary (Interpretations on authors such as Waite, Crowley and Papus.)
*Tarot: History, Symbolism, and Divination (Robert M. Place – ISBN 1-58542-349-1)
*The Underground Stream (Christine Payne-Towler -the developement of esotric Tarot)

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