Book Reviews


Beyond the Bizarre – Frightening Facts and Blood Curdling True Tales
The Book of the Bizarre – Freaky Facts and Strange Stories
Comfort Cottage Citchen Craftbook
A Dangerous Place
A Dangerous Talent
Adventures With Greening Man: Book One: SEED
Are You Happy Now?
Beyond the Here and Now
Bombed In His Bed
Decoding the Pendulum
Devil (An Unauthorized Autobiography)
Empty Mansions
Entering Your Own Heart
Escape From Smyrna
Exile and Pilgrim
Excuse Me -Your Life Is Now
The Fortune Formula – Having It All 
Freemasonry – Rituals, Symbols, History of the Secret Society
Ghost Hunters Tool Kit 
The Gnostic Mystery
Goddess Energy
Haunts of Western Oregon
Healing Houses
Healing Pain and Injury
Heart Yoga
Hi God
Houses of New Orleans
How To Manifest Money Effortlessly
I’ll Trade My Sorrow
I Was Born Into A Den of Wolves
Life Is A Balance
The Lost Symbol
Love God, Heal Earth
Mindfulness For Teachers – Simple Skills For Peace and Productivity In The Classroom
Misguided Sensitivity
Moon Phases – A Symbolic Key
Negotiating For Women
Oracle of Visions
Outdoor Designs For Living
Pagan Portals – Zen Druidry
Petals of the R.O.S.E.
Prescient Remembrance Vol 5 – One Night Stand
Prescient Remembrance Vol 6  Infinite Moments – Love Beyond Death: The Vampires Offspring
Planetary Apothecary
101 Relationship Myths
The Rose Labyrinth
Salted With Fire
Santa Fe Ghosts
The Secret To Healing Cancer
Selling With Soul
Shaman Pathways – Elen of the Ways
Stealing Into WInter
Tarot Card Meanings App (iPhone & iPad)
Tarot Lovers Diary
Tea Leaf Fortune Oracle
The Awakening Human Being
The Ears That Have Eyes
The Inner Goddess Revolution
The Playing Cards Oracle
The Last Observer
The 7 Connections to Happiness and Harmony
The Sacred Ego – Making Peace With Ourselves and Our World
The Second Mouse Gets The Cheese
The 7 Great Prayers
The Shaman Within
“Tails” of the Afterlife – True Stories of Ghost Pets
To Drink The Wild Air
Tokens of Light
Transformational Speaking
Victorian Homes of San Francisco
Walking Out the Other Side
We Are Here – Love Never Dies
Wells of Wisdom
Whispers I Know
Woodland Wisdom Oracle Cards
\Workplace Spells


Listening Well, Volume 1

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