Tarot In Review – Book

“Tarot In Review” is a compilation of Tarot book reviews and deck reviews, in bound, softcover paperback format.

“Tarot In Review” is broken down into two sections: one for Tarot books, and one for Tarot decks.

The section on book reviews is broken down into the following levels:

* Beginner
* Intermediate
* Advanced

The section on deck reviews is broken down into themes, such as fantasy, Goddess, traditional, and religious.

While the reviews are available on the Internet, having them in book format offers several distinct advantages:

* Multiple reviews are collected in one place for easy reference.
* The convenience of comparing books and decks without having to click onto different pages, as you would have to on the Internet.
* The Table of Contents offers books and decks that the reader may not have heard of.

(The Table of Contents in its entirety may be seen here: Tarot In Review – Table of Contents.)

For those who are interested in divination, or in working with the Tarot for personal or spiritual growth, these reviews will act as a tool to help the reader see the depth of what is available.

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