Women In Tarot (e-Book)

Several years ago I did a series of interviews with several prominent women in the Tarot field (Mary Greer, Johanna Gargiulo-Sherman, Christine Payne-Towler, Rachel Pollack, Valerie Sim and Sandra Thomson). They found a home on Aeclectic Tarot, for which I will ever be grateful to founder/editor Solandia!

My most recent brainstorm was to take these interviews, package them into an e-book, add an interview with an up and coming Woman in Tarot (Catherine Chapman, co-author with Paul Hughs-Barlow of “Beyond the Celtic Cross”), and ask for opinions from the Tarot world about the present and future of Tarot. I got some absolutely wonderful replies, and am very happy to be able to share them with you. (Thanks go to Alison Cross, Nicole Diamond, Theresa Reed, Debbie Sophera Rossignol and Fred West for taking the time to share their wisdom.)

The result is this 62 page e-book. I hope that you find it enjoyable, entertaining and filled with magick and wonder. These gracious Women In Tarot do know how to paint pictures with words!

An added bonus – scans from “Tarot Lovers Tarot” (Karyn Easton, TarotLovers.com), and the “Druid Craft Tarot” (Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and Will Worthington Druid Craft Tarot).

The cost is $3.99, payable through Pay Pal. I will e-mail you the download for the e-book as soon as payment is received.

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