Tarot, Rituals, & You

Through ritual, we celebrate the significant moments in our lives the passing of the seasons, birth/death, promotions, business opportunities… We mark them all with ritual so that they serve as a memory of what is and what can be. Small daily rituals that morning cup of coffee, the table set just so, time spent in the backyard in the evening, or even making out the grocery list all help us to stay grounded, centered, and on our path. The Tarot is meant for ritual, with its archetypal energy and beautiful imagery. Find here how to “enter” a Tarot card, record impressions, understand specific symbols, manage your dreamtime, utilize meditations and affirmations, and make quality decisions. Through combining ritual tools of empowerment, we strengthen who we are as individuals. What better way to maintain the courage to walk an individual path!

“Tarot, Rituals, & You” can be purchased here.

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  1. Hi Bonnie, when you say “enter” do you mean literally, as I’ve been working with the tarot cards and they have started to move……the figures seem to come to life, sometimes changing faces, the foreground and background can also move around……I also see vivid colours…….what’s happening and why?

  2. Karen –

    Yes, I do mean literally,as to step into the cards, chat with the figures, become a part of their world. What you are experiencing is a wonderful thing – you are conversing with the archetypes in a way that is unique to you and to them. The why of what is happening is that you are ready for this leg of your journey. 🙂


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