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Many thanks to those that have taken the time and interest to interview me about my work!

Mary Nale & Jean Maurie Puhlman Attune Radio

Melinda Carver – Positive Perspectives

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  1. Hello Bonnie – your name was given me by Donnaleigh de LaRose. I was wondering if you would consider reviewing my newly released book and 32 card deck – The Syzygy Oracle which is a contemporary re-imagining of the Major Arcana in image and words that weaves together Tarot and The Tree of life, a welcoming of the Sacred Feminine and a guide along the hero’s journey implicit in the cards. My hope is that for Tarot afficiandos it will be another perspective on the cards— for those who are new to Tarot, my hope it will be a comfortable introduction to this wonderful world.

    If this is of interest to you, please let me know and I will be happy to get the materials to you.

    Kind regards
    Heather Mendel

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